As a registered user you agree to have read, understood and accepted the following Terms and Policies:


  1. We consider as valid any traceable traffic source from accepted traffic sources with a minimum of 4 seconds exposure time, which meets our minimum browser/frame size of 1024x450 pixels for desktop devices and a minimum browser frame size of 600x300 pixels for mobile devices, while users are actively viewing our advertisements.
  2. Accepted traffic sources are mostly from, but not limited to: PTC sites, Manual traffic exchange programs, Revshare programs, Grid/Prize advertising programs, Social networks, etc.
  3. Invalid traffic sources are mostly from, but not limited to: Autosurf programs, PTP programs, Rotator-advertising services, Pop-Up/Pop-Under ads, Link-shortener services, No referrer / direct visits, Fake referrer, Non-traceable, Hidden iframes, Visits through proxies/VPN, More than 13 occurences/source/IP/day, as well as any visit which doesn't meet our minimum browser/frame size requirements and also various .
  4. Using any illegal means to promote your PTP link, including but not limited to: sending unsolicited e-mails, spamming, hacking or by defrauding other sites is not allowed.
  5. Including or embedding your PTP link outside the visitor's viewport is not allowed.
  6. Promoting multiple PTP link instances on a given page is not allowed.
  7. Displaying any ads or pop-ups in front of our PTP link content is not allowed.
  8. We reserve the right to mark as INVALID any & all traffic which we consider to be fake or of abusive nature.
  9. Traffic coming from any Blacklisted website will always be marked as invalid.
  10. Visits with less than 4 seconds duration OR inactive/out-of-focus visits will not be accounted for on the user's statistics page, in order to preserve server resources.


  1. Users have the possibility to earn more by viewing the links provided on our site at the SURF section.
  2. Users must actively view the advertisements for at least 5 seconds, then manually solve the anti-bot measures before being credited.
  3. Browser scripts such as Javascript, as well as Cookies must be accepted by the browser.
  4. Any browser add-ons or software with the purpose of blocking ads, scripts or trackers must be disabled.
  5. We fully support the latest version for both desktop and mobile versions of the following browsers: EDGE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera & Brave.
  6. We do not recommend using any other browsers than the above, nor using outdated browsers.
  7. Running or switching to "Desktop site"-mode while surfing on mobile devices is not allowed.
  8. Link surfing must be performed on a PC/Laptop, Tablet or Mobile phone. Surfing on any other device type is not allowed.
  9. Link surfing is restricted to one session per browser and device at a time.
  10. The browser's zoom level, as well as the device's display scale settings must be set to 100%.
  11. In case of PC/Laptop devices, we require a minimum screen resolution of 1024x600 pixels and for the browser window to be fully maximized.
  12. In case of Tablets and Mobile phones, we require a minimum screen resolution of 320x640 pixels in Portrait mode and 640x320 pixels in Landscape mode.
  13. In case of Opera browser, the Sidebar must be unpinned/closed.
  14. In case of Brave browser, the SHIELDS feature must be disabled.


  1. Any amount earned through fraudulent ways will be deducted from your account.
  2. Multiple accounts from the same person, computer and/or internet connection are strictly prohibited.
  3. Using any software to automatically view or to validate our SURF ads is strictly prohibited.
  4. Blocking the advertisements by any means in either our PTP or SURF modules is strictly prohibited.
  5. Modifying the appearance/size OR blocking/bypassing our SURF verification systems (captchas) is strictly prohibited.
  6. Running multiple/simultaneous SURFing sessions per browser or device is strictly prohibited.
  7. Using proxies, VPN or any other form of malicious ways for accessing your account is strictly prohibited.
  8. Abusers, including users sending traffic from invalid sources, will have their account suspended and earnings forfeited.
  9. Any accusation without proof, slandering, intimidating, threatening, abusing or disrespecting any of the services offered by, either here or elsewhere will lead to account suspension.
  10. Submitting reviews, posts or comments here or elsewhere which negatively affect our business will lead to account suspension.


  1. Newly registered accounts left inactive 48 hours after registration are automatically removed from our system.
  2. Activated accounts left inactive (without logging in) for 90 consecutive days, will be temporarily suspended.
  3. Temporarily suspended accounts can be restored upon user request within 30 days after being temporarily suspended.
  4. Activated accounts left inactive (without logging in) for 120 consecutive days, will be permanently suspended.
  5. Permanently suspended accounts can no longer be restored.
  6. All suspended accounts will have their earnings forfeited, referrals removed and balance reset to zero.
  7. Accounts are not transferable.
  8. Users who had their account suspended due to terms & policies violation are not allowed to register again.
  9. All currency values shown either in your account or anywhere else on this site are expressed in USD (United States dollars).


  1. Currently there is a fixed rate of 20% credited for valid referral earnings from both PTP and SURF modules.
  2. Referral earnings are credited only for directly referred users.
  3. Users may refer an unlimited amount of people.
  4. Users referring themselves or creating multiple accounts will have all of their accounts suspended.
  5. Abusive referral earnings can and will be deducted from the referring accounts as well.
  6. Repeated abusive signups will lead to account suspension, including of the referring account.
  7. Permanently suspended referrals are automatically removed from the users downline list.


  1. Users can withdraw their earnings once they have accumulated at least $5 in their account balance.
  2. Payments are sent manually within 24 hours from request date to the address specified by the user.
  3. Users must specify a valid payment processor address when requesting their payment. The payment, once sent, cannot be canceled.
  4. Payment address must be unique and not shared with another user.
  5. From the account balance a payment processing fee will be deducted depending on which payment option was selected.
  6. Payments can be requested only once every 7 days.
  7. The current payment options are: FaucetPay, Skrill, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer & AirTM.
  8. Payment options are subject to availability and may be restricted if necessary.
  9. If required by the payment processor, users must claim their payment within 24 hours through the special link sent via e-mail, otherwise the payment will be reversed.
  10. Reversed payments or refunds will not be added back to the user account balance, nor sent again.


  1. E-mail addresses or any other form of personal information regarding our users will never be shown, given or sold.
  2. E-mail addresses are used only to communicate with our users and to ensure the sign-up or password reset process.
  3. Payment processor addresses are used only to send the payments requested by our users and to confirm purchases.
  4. All user activity is closely monitored in order to provide the best user experience possible and to prevent fraud.
  5. We do not share any user information with third parties.
  6. Passwords are stored in an irreversible format. We recommend setting a secure password, which has not been used anywhere else.
  7. Cookies are used for various tracking purposes. These do not contain any personally identifiable information.
  8. All data saved in cookies is safely managed and encrypted to prevent potential eavesdropping.
  9. All FaucetPay transactions are subject to the FaucetPay Privacy Policy.
  10. All Skrill transactions are subject to the Skrill Privacy Policy.
  11. All PerfectMoney transactions are subject to the PerfectMoney Privacy Policy.
  12. All Bitcoin transactions are subject to the Coinbase Privacy Policy.
  13. All PAYEER transactions are subject to the PAYEER Privacy Policy.
  14. All AirTM transactions are subject to the AirTM Privacy Policy.
  15. Users must also comply with the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies of each advertisement viewed through our platform.


  1. We are not liable for any kind of delays or failures that are not directly related to us and therefore beyond our control.
  2. We are not responsible for any tax payment on the amounts received from us. It's the users responsibility declare their taxes.
  3. We are not responsible for any of the advertisement contents shown in either our PTP or SURF modules.
  4. We reserve the right to alter these terms at any time, including but not limited to earning amounts or rules.