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The most popular Paid-to-Promote program where you get paid to:


Up to $0.300 /UNIQUE CPM


Up to $0.275 /DAY


Up to 10% /Referral activity


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Get PAID to Promote and Surf!

Drive traffic to your PTP link and/or SURF our ads, then simply watch your earnings grow. The more you Promote or Surf, the more you earn!

There are literally no limits on how much you can earn!

Get paid to Promote: Got a valid traffic source? Bring it on! We are ready for it! Simply submit your PTP link to any valid website such as Get-Paid-To, Manual Traffic-Exchanges, Manual Faucets, Revenue share websites etc.

Get paid to Surf: Not having any means to Promote? No problem! You can simply view our Advertisers' website for at least 5 seconds. No annoying captchas here so it's kept as simple as possible.


We are counting both UNIQUE and NON-UNIQUE visits

Per 24 hour period and per user. Plus, we have the same rates for all traffic worldwide.

All valid traffic sources are considered equal regardless where the visitors are located!

Unlike similar programs out there which pay only for unique visits depending on the country's tier, we pay each user individually with the same rates worldwide.


Get PAID for your referrals' activity as well!

You may promote your referral link anywhere it's allowed, including socal media sites, forums, chat groups, various advertising networks, etc. Start building your downline now!

We have no limits on the amount of direct referrals you can have! If you invite them, we welcome them!

The people you refer to our site will stay in your downline as long their account active is kept active. You get a share of anything and everything they earn through our Publisher program.


All user-activity is closely MONITORED and ANALYZED through several viewpoints.

The most detailed statistics possible is provided regarding user account activity.

Know exactly how much you get paid and what for.

Based on the detailed analysis provided on our platform, you can easily determine which traffic source performs the best or worst, then adjust your promo-campaigns accordingly. You also get to see a site-wide overview in case you're out of ideas where to promote next.


Get paid within 24 HRS through a variety of payout options: